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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Opinion: Why is NDTV so Anti-BJP?

NDTV anti bjp himbuds
On 19th February 2016, a ‘Kaun Jaat Ho’ marka journalist came in limelight for his black-screen show that claimed to unveil the dark side of Journalism in India. He talked about various loopholes and deficiencies in the present times, but missed the core of it, which I am going to talk about in this article.
To start with, let me first explain as to what compelled Mr. Ravish to project black screens on NDTV India’s Prime Time.
The reports from Broadcast Audience Research Council, India for the 6th week of the year 2016, (6th February to 12th February 2016) displayed in the images below prove the reason for the screen blackout.
TRP ratings for Hindi News Channels
TRP ratings for English News Channels
Some key points derived from the report:
  • NDTV India (the Hindi news channel of NDTV Group) doesn’t even make it to the top 5 news channels of India.
  • NDTV 24X7 (the English news channel of NDTV Group) stands third with 60% less viewership in comparison to Times Now
Talking about this week’s primetime scorecard, Yashwant Deshmukh (a renowned psephologist) revealed on his twitter handle that Times Now received 82% of the total viewership with NDTV receiving only 3% of it. Using satirical tone, Yashwant snubs #Presstitutes by saying that 82% Indian are communal bigots. Telecasting black screens was hence a way to catch TRP, but in vain.

People keep on questioning as to why do a group of news channels keep on showing only one type of news. Why is NDTV pro-communist & pro-congress, why is News24 pro-congress, why is Aaj Tak pro-AAP (Kraantikari, Bahut Kraantikari) & why is Zee News pro-BJP. You may have come across various social media posts talking about their alleged connections with various political parties. But for me, I don’t believe is hearsay, so a well-researched analysis is a must. Since, NDTV is in limelight, unveiling the layers exclusively for NDTV. Why is NDTV simply anti-BJP. Here it is:

NDTV (New Delhi TeleVision): NDTV Group was founded by Dr. Pranay Roy & his wife Radhika Roy in the year 1988. The corporate leadership page on the official website of NDTV Group (www.ndtv.com) enlists a few people. Let’s have a factual look into their families & connections:
  • Pranay RoyPranoy holds the position of Executive Co-chairperson, NDTV Group. He comes from Kolkatta, West Bengal. Dr. Roy has also served as Economic Advisor with the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Pranoy is the uncle of Ms. Arundhati Roy. Now, Arundhati Roy is an extreme leftist, I don't think I need to prove that. You may read her soft views on Naxalites & Afzal Guru contrary to harsh criticism of Narendra Modi on Wikipedia. Read Arundhati's pro-communism tweets here. (Reference Link)
  • Radhika Roy: Radhika, wife of Pranay Roy, also hold the position of Executive Co-chairperson, NDTV Group. Radhika is the sister of CPI (M) Politburo member & Rajya Sabha MP Brinda Karat. Hence, Prakash Karat, active Communist leader & also the General Secretary of CPI (M) from 2005 to 2015, turns out to be her brother-in-law. I don't think we needed a reference link for it given the similarity of their facial features and the similar size of Bindi they stick to their foreheads. (Reference Link)
  • Vikram Chandra: Vikram holds the position of Group CEO & Executive Director, NDTV Group. Though there are no clear proofs of Virkam being associated to any left organization, but is very much important to report here that he too has been accused of money laundering to the tune of Rs. 5000 crore in the 2G scam in close association with Mr. P. Chidambaram (then Finance Minister of India). (Reference link)
  • Barkha Dutt: Barkha is the Consulting Editor at NDTV. A self-proclaimed synonym to fearless journalism, she has been a reason for the killing of a hiding hostage in Taj during 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Not just that, her political linkages can be made out from the fact that her alleged 2nd husbandMr. Haseeb Ahmed Drabu is a Kashmiri economist and the minister of Finance, Culture, Labour & Employment in the Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir and a member of People's Democratic Party. (Reference link)
  • Sonia Singh: Sonia is the editorial Director and President of the NDTV Ethics Committee. She is married to Mr. RPN Singha prominent Congress leader, Member of Parliament & former MoS in Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Amrita Rai: Amrita is a senior journalist with NDTV. She married Mr. Digvijay Singh, senior congress leader in the year 2015. (Reference link)
  • Nidhi Razdan: Nidhi is a renowned news achor at NDTV 24x7. She was married to Nilesh Mishra (also a journalist) in 2005, but got divorced in 2007. It is alleged that Nidhi's proximity to Omar Abdullah, former CM of J&K was the reason behind her separation(Reference link)
Reading it completely, I guess each one of you would have got a fair idea as to why is NDTV so anti-BJP, & pro-Communist, pro-Congress.
This was just a small sneak-peek into the way media is hand-in-glove with various political parties and then Ravish says "TV Bimaar hai".  Ironic.

Vishal Sharma

Vishal blogs at HimBuds.com and HimNaukri.com. A B.Tech (ECE) and MBA (Marketing + HR), born and brought up in Shimla, he is currently working with the Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. Serving the society in whichever way possible is his passion. He wishes to set-up an NGO to provide free education to deprived children.

Website: HimBuds.com

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Item Reviewed: Opinion: Why is NDTV so Anti-BJP? Description: NDTV is accused of being biased against Central Govt in its reporting. Here's a factual write-up on the reason of bias. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Vishal Sharma
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