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Friday, 10 June 2016

A friend's recommended Business that you need to stay away from

QNet Scam
QNet Case Accused
In today's cut-throat competition, a rat-race to earn more with less effort is a dream of many.

Scientifically, a lever is the only tool that performs more work using less effort. Technically, its a computer. But in real life, a dream of earning crores, without hard-work & smart-work combined together, is just a never-fulfill-able dream.

At times, you might have come across a friend of your's who might have tried convincing you to join him as a Business Partner investing Rs. 2 Lac, ensuring huge returns in the manner mentioned below:

We all have some friends who:
  1. Have suddenly started up their dream business.
  2. But it's a secret.
  3. Don't even tell you the name of their business but they keep telling you I am into a business.
  4. Have their Facebook full of motivational quotes about getting rich.
  5. Claim that they have suddenly become rich or are in a process of owning a luxurious car soon.
  6. They visit Malaysia and Dubai and post pictures having fun there and call it a business trip. These are the only guys who have fun during a business trip it seems. (Reality: They bought the tickets by themselves only to post pictures so that their innocent friends would think that they are doing something really cool).
  7. No matter how much you ignore them, they will keep on calling you till their last breath. We already know that this is not the characteristics of a person who has even 10% self respect in him/her.
  8. And then one day they tell you that they have an open position of a "Business Partner". He/she also tells you that he/she trusts you a lot and hence has arranged a meeting with his/her seniors to introduce you, most probably in a CCD. :P
  9. They tell you that you can earn more than 4 crores in just a few years but do not tell you exactly what is your role in the business, But overall this guy looks so convincing that you almost feel that if you do not join him, you will miss out.
  10. He makes you feel that you are running in a Rat Race by working in your current job and that their Business is the only way to change your life.
If you have experienced this and escaped, CONGRATS ! You are one of the few Lucky Ones! Thank God & Congratulate Yourself. Sadly, Not everyone escapes, some join it only to lose their money because they chose not to dupe more people. I too am one of the lucky ones.

QNet Fraud case News clipping
QNet Fraud case News clipping
What is the name of this business?
The name of this business (which none of your friends is expected to have told you) is QNet. QNet Ltd, formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong based direct selling company owned by the QI Group. The company sells a variety of products including energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. Qnet was founded in Hong Kong by Vijay Eswaran in 1998 along with QN Europe and other companies. It promotes its products on its website using claims "that would not pass official muster in much of the world."

Does the company have registered office in India?
No, the company itself does not have any registered office in India but operated through a franchisee named Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd..

QNET MLM Fraud News
QNET MLM Fraud News
Have any legal actions been taken against the company?
Yes. In August 2013, the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police registered an FIR against QNet and its Indian franchise Vihaan, which claimed to sell cosmetics and other products. Members of the company were arrested for cheating and were remanded into police custody until August 22. EOW sent teams to Bangalore and Chennai to investigate fraud linked to Vijay Eswaran, considered the prime accused in the QNet case. Six of Qnet's bank accounts were frozen as part of the case. QNet has advocated for the regulation of Indian multilevel marketing companies and for the banning of pyramid schemes in India. Scores of Mumbaikars protested in front of former World Billiards champion Michael Ferreira’s house on Sunday, demanding a speedy trial in 2013 Qnet scam. Similar protests were also held in held in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

A media report says that Cafe Coffee Day has ordered to shut doors to representatives of fraud-accused firm QNet.

Is this company a scam?
HimBuds.com does not accuse the company of being a complete scam or fraud knowing that thousands of people are still associated with it and haven't raised any voice against it. Given the media reports, at the first sight, there seems to be something fishy is this business. We thereby recommend our readers to stay away from being associated with such a business which may land them cheated.
Prevention is better than cure.   

Disclaimer: This post is prepared in public interest with inputs from a Facebook post by Mr. Ajay Sehrawat and research on some news items. The aim is not to defame any company/business but to prevent the closed ones from getting fooled and cheated.

Share to save your friends from being cheated. 

Hard work + Smart work is the only way to success. There is No room for Shortcuts. :)

Vishal Sharma

Vishal blogs at HimBuds.com and HimNaukri.com. A B.Tech (ECE) and MBA (Marketing + HR), born and brought up in Shimla, he is currently working with the Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. Serving the society in whichever way possible is his passion. He wishes to set-up an NGO to provide free education to deprived children.

Website: HimBuds.com

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